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Outliers Group Challenge 

A recent article published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology showed that less than 7% of US adults have good cardiometabolic health.

One of the most useful tools for good health is group motivation, interaction, and challenges.

If you want to strive to be an outlier – within the 7% of US adults with good health, please join our monthly challenge. 

$25/mo, cancel at any time.

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Wellness Coaching 

Private 40-minute zoom session and 6-weeks of email support


*no refunds for services provided

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Clinical Nutrition Champions Group

For students, interns, and dietitians, join our Clinical Nutrition Champions group for case studies, practice, discussion, help with homework, mentoring, and exclusive content including interviews with our former dietetic students, interns, and our successful dietitians.

$25/mo, cancel at any time.

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