How to Optimize Your Health, Burn Fat, and Stay Injury Free

If you've been spinning your wheels trying to lose weight or recover from an injury, it's time your efforts paid off. Optimizing your health can be tricky. Working with trained experts is the only way to go. Optimal Health Medical Fitness will show you how.

Dr. Azlan Tariq is a highly trained and skilled Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine and board-certified pain specialist. He uses prolotherapy and platelet rich plasma, but not narcotics to manage pain and injuries in his clients. The fantastic trainers at Optimal Health work alongside Dr. Tariq. Jenny and Chris are Bachelor's educated and use functional movements in their training plans. Dr. Samir Sharma is a caring and brilliant physical therapist at Optimal Health, and his treatment helped me recover from a chronic back and leg injury.

I am very grateful to have found a fitness clinic lead by an ethical and brilliant physician with expert trainers and physical therapy all under one roof. I have been able to optimize my health in just a few short months and I recommend this for everyone!

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